Woman with headphones on sitting at desk with a microphone in front of her

Launching a Podcast? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Starting a podcast is super exciting! You get to share your unique voice with the world and make an impact.

Before you hit that record button, here are 5 common podcasting mistakes to avoid when launching your show.

Mistake #1: Not Doing Pre-Launch Planning

It’s tempting to jump right in, but a little prep goes a long way. Before recording your first episode, map out your show’s format, identify your target audience, and decide on your content strategy. Think of it as laying the foundation for all the podcast goodness to come!

Mistake #2: Bad Audio Quality 

Someone told me that people will forgive awful video but not audio. It’s so true! If you’re starting a podcast, you don’t need to spend a lot on a mic, but you’ll need to make a small investment in equipment.

Mistake #3: Not Adding Show Notes and Episode Descriptions

Want more listeners? Detailed show notes and episode descriptions give your listeners a preview of the content and make it easier for them to find your show. Include key takeaways, guest information, and links to any resources mentioned during the show.

Mistake #4: Too Little Promotion and Marketing 

You started a podcast because you wanted to educate and help other people. Get your message out there by promoting your show on social media, YouTube, or with SEO.

Mistake #5: Neglecting Your Mindset

Podcasting is a wonderful journey filled with thrilling highs and challenging lows. As you embark on this adventure, one thing you need to keep in check is your mindset. In my own business it’s been the most crucial thing for me to work on. A positive mindset helps me stay consistent and persevere when things get tough. There are lots of mindset books and podcasts that can help you keep a healthy mindset for success.

There you have it friends – 5 common podcasting mistakes to avoid when getting started on your show. If you’re getting ready to launch and want help from a professional podcast producer book a free call.

I wish you happiness and success in all you do!