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Tips for being a podcast guest

Being a guest on other people’s podcasts is a smart move! Guesting expands your network and helps you build relationships with other experts. It also gets you in front of new audiences and improves brand awareness. Plus it helps with SEO and gives you content you can share to help build authority.

So what I’m saying is you should do it! But HOW can you be a great guest that gets invited back?

In this blog, I’m sharing my favorite tips for being a podcast guest. You’ll learn what to do before, during, and after the recording.

What to do BEFORE the show – Tips for being a podcast guest

Research and listen to the show

Listen to at least 2 episodes to get a feel for the podcast host and the format of the show. Take some time to get to know the podcast audience too so you can tailor your responses and offers for them.

Get your gear

You don’t need a lot of equipment to be a great podcast guest. You’ll need a microphone and headphones to get started. Purchase the best equipment you can afford but you can always start with what you already have in your collection.

Ask for the interview questions and prepare stories

Find out what the host is going to ask you and determine a few talking points. This shows you’re committed to making the show great and helps you understand the theme of the show. Focus your takeaways and stories around those questions.

Prepare your mindset

Preparing your mindset is key when getting ready to be a podcast guest. Being positive, confident, and prepared mentally ensures you’ll have a successful and enjoyable experience. Take some time to breathe deeply and practice self-care. Visualize the interview flowing smoothly and the audience benefiting from your appearance on the show.

Test your equipment

We all know that tech issues happen usually at the worst time. To minimize problems test that your audio equipment is functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments. If you’re recording video, check that your camera is working too,

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Being a great podcast guest – What to do DURING the show 

Show up prepared

Podcast guesting is a chance to showcase your expertise and engage with a new audience. Being prepared shows you value the opportunity and respect the host. It also boosts your confidence and makes it a better experience overall.

Wear headphones and record in a quiet location

You don’t need to record in a studio, but wearing headphones and finding a quiet space is a must. Unwanted background noise detracts from the recording and decreases the listener’s experience. Recording in a quiet setting streamlines the post-production process and allows you to focus on delivering amazing content without distraction. Both the hosts and guests should wear headphones to prevent echo.

Offer practical ideas and tools

The host picked you to be on their show because they think you have something important to share with their podcast listeners. Talking about resources, tips, and strategies during your podcast appearance is a powerful way to enrich the host’s content and engage the listeners. Be sure to explain each idea clearly, providing examples or anecdotes to illustrate their practicality and effectiveness.

Speak clearly and avoid filler words

If you want your message to be easily understood, you need to speak with clarity and avoid jargon. Speaking clearly ensures that your message is easy to understand, and showcases your professionalism as a guest. Filler words like “um” and “like” can disrupt the podcast’s flow and detract from the overall quality of the discussion. Proactively eliminating these verbal pauses makes for a more engaging conversation, elevating the impact on the podcast’s audience.

Pitch your product or service with gratitude

At the end of the podcast, the host will ask you to share where listeners can find you if they want to learn more. Having a well-crafted call-to-action (CTA) is essential if you want to get the most out of your podcast guest experience. You also may want to create a free opt-in specifically for the podcast or you can use one that you already have ready to go. Create a unique link for the freebie so you can track how many people sign up for it.

Engage with the host

Remember it’s a podcast interview, not a monologue. Establishing a genuine connection and having a real conversation with the host is a big part of being a compelling guest. Listen actively to the host’s questions and comments, responding thoughtfully. Encouraging a dynamic two-way interaction makes for a more engaging and memorable podcast appearance.

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What to do AFTER the show

Thank the Host

Writing a thank you note strengthens your relationship with the hosts and opens the door to future collaborations. After the show, take time to reflect on the experience and send a thoughtful thank you expressing gratitude for the opportunity. Include something specific that you’re thankful for so you stand out.

Promote the Episode

Share the podcast on your social media, mentioning key takeaways or highlights to pique interest. Encourage your audience to listen to the show, emphasizing the value they’ll get from listening to it. Some podcast hosts make social media graphics for each episode and share them with guests. Ask the host if they have social media graphics you can use on social media.

Conclusion – Tips for being a podcast guest

Being a podcast guest is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and connect with a broader audience. It’s also an excellent opportunity to build relationships and increase your chances for future collaborations.

In this blog, I’ve shared essential tips for successful podcast guest appearances. These strategies will make you a more engaging and impactful podcast guest. Podcast guesting is about more than showcasing your expertise. It’s about creating meaningful dialogues, offering practical insights, and leaving a lasting impression.

I wish you happiness and success in all you do! Happy Podcasting!