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How to Write Podcast Show Notes with Sample Templates

Whether you’re a first-time podcaster or a seasoned pro, show notes are an essential part of the podcasting process. They give listeners a written summary of what they can expect to hear in the episode and provide valuable SEO benefits.

If you’re not sure how to write podcast notes, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. In this blog, you’ll learn why you need show notes and what to include. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to write podcast show notes that are both informative and engaging for your listeners. Let’s get started!

What are podcast show notes?

Show notes are a brief description of what took place during each episode of your podcast. They usually include a description of the topic and links to any resources or articles mentioned in the episode.

Podcast show notes are hosted on your website. Show notes are not the same thing as episode descriptions that are found in podcast players. Show notes typically are longer than episode descriptions. Though I have seen some people use the same copy in both places and add a wee bit more details to the website version.

Why are podcast show notes important?

According to Buzzsprout, there are over 62 million podcast episodes. That’s a lot of content for listeners to choose from! Here are a few reasons why podcast show notes are important:

  • Show notes allow a listener to quickly scan an episode and decide if they want to listen.
  • They’re a great way to provide listeners with additional resources, such as information about an affiliate product or guests.
  • Podcast show notes improve SEO by providing search engines with additional information about your episodes.
  • They provide a brief overview of the episode content for people who only have time to read a summary.
  • You can improve accessibility by including a transcript of the episode at the end of the show notes.

If you want people to find and listen to your podcast, write quality show notes for every episode.

What should be in podcast show notes?

Show notes are a quick and easy way to get an idea of what the episode is about, and they can help listeners decide if they’re interested in hearing it.

There are a few essential elements that every episode show note should include:

Episode number and SEO-optimized title

The title of your show notes should include the episode number and be optimized for SEO. The right keywords will help your episodes rank higher in search results.

Description of your episode

Give listeners a brief summary of what your episode is about. Try to write a description that’s both informative and engaging.

Links to any resources mentioned in the episode

If you mention any articles, websites, or other resources in your episode, include links to them in the show notes. Adding links makes it easy for listeners to find them.

Guest Bio

If you have guests on your show, include their name, website, and social media links in the show notes.

Bullet points of main topics

Include a few bullet points that highlight the main topics covered in your episode. This gives potential listeners a quick overview of what they can expect to hear.

Affiliate links

Be sure to include any affiliate links in your show notes. This makes it easy for listeners to purchase the things you promote.

Call to action

Wrap up your show notes with a CTA, such as asking listeners to sign up for a free opt-in or learn more about an upcoming course launch. Including a call to action in your show notes is a great way to encourage listeners to take action.

Podcast Media Player

Copy the embed code from your host and add it to your show notes. You can customize the player with your brand colors before you copy the code and add it to your website.

Below are a few optional elements that you may also want to consider including in your show notes.


Timestamps with highlights allow listeners to quickly find the sections they’re interested in and skip ahead if they need to.

Images and Videos

Images and videos can help break up your text and make your show notes more visually appealing.


Transcripts make your show notes more accessible for people with disabilities. It also makes it easier for people who want to read about the episode instead of listening to it.

Notable Quotes

Include quotes that you want to highlight. This is a great way to engage listeners and make your show notes more personable.

What do podcast show notes look like?

The purpose of episode notes is to offer a quick overview of what occurred in an episode. Some podcast show notes are simply a list of bullet points that highlight the main topics covered on the show. Others are more like blog posts, with a full description of the episode and links to additional resources.

No matter what form your podcast notes takes the most important thing is that they’re helpful and informative. Listeners should be able to quickly scan your show notes and get a good idea of what the episode is about.

If you’re not sure what format your podcast notes should take, start by looking at other podcasts in your niche. See what type of show notes they’re using and try to emulate that style.

Sample podcast show note templates

Short-form podcast show notes format

  • Episode number and SEO-optimized title
  • Description of your episode – 1-2 paragraphs
  • 3- 5 Bullet points of the main topics covered
  • Podcast guest information
  • Links to any resources mentioned in the episode
  • Affiliate links
  • Call to Action

Long-form podcast show notes format

  • Episode number and SEO-optimized title
  • Description of your episode – 1-2 paragraphs
  • 3-5 Bullet points of the main topics covered
  • Guest information
  • Links to any resources mentioned in the episode
  • Affiliate links
  • Timestamps
  • Images and Videos
  • Notable Quotes
  • Call to Action
  • Transcript of the entire episode

Blog-style podcast show notes format

Blog-style show notes are what I recommend to my clients because they are the best for SEO. When you create content in this format, you can ensure that your blog post will have the potential to rank in search engines. It will be easily searchable, and new listeners will find your show.

Blog-style show notes must match the user intent and include related keywords. Blogs have a specific heading structure that you should follow. Add links to any resources mentioned in the episode so listeners go deeper if they want to learn more.

These are the key elements included in blog-style podcast show notes. When done correctly, they will attract more listeners and give your audience useful information about each episode.

  • Introduction: Introduce the topic of the episode
  • Episode Overview: Give a brief overview of what was discussed in the episode. Introduce your guest if you have one.
  • Key Ideas Covered: List the topics mentioned during the show using headings and subheadings. Write short paragraphs and bulleted lists to make it easy to read. Include related keywords for SEO.
  • Conclusion and CTA: Summarize what was discussed and include a call to action.
  • Resources Mentioned: Include any links to resources, blog posts, books, or articles mentioned in the episode.
  • Guest profile: Provide a short bio of your guest and a link to their website or social media.
  • Links: Internal and external links should be added throughout the blog post to add value for readers.
  • Social media info: Insert icons or links to your social media profiles so readers can easily follow you.
  • Images/Videos: Include any relevant images or videos that illustrate what your post is about.
  • Optimization: Use SEO tactics such as keyword optimization, image alt text, etc. to give your blog the best chance of ranking in search engines.

Scroll down to see examples of podcast show notes.

Final thoughts on how to write podcast show notes

Creating great show notes is essential for any podcast. In this article, we’ve explained everything you need to know about show notes, including what to include and why you should use them for your podcast. We’ve also given you some tips on how to write a great episode show notes.

If you don’t have time to write show notes yourself, I can help. I offer full podcast management including episode descriptions, show notes, and blogs written from podcast episodes. You can book a free call to learn more.

Podcast Show Notes Example #1

How To Start A Podcast – Learn From The Pros

Wondering how to start a podcast? On this episode, Stella Marie and Gabby Jones from XYZ Podcast walk listeners through the process of starting a podcast from scratch. They provide advice on everything from choosing a topic to recording and promoting your show.

After listening to this episode, you’ll have all the information you need to start a podcast and begin sharing your voice with the world. So what are you waiting for? Press play and let’s get started!

1. Learn how to start a podcast from two experienced podcasters

2. Get advice on every step of the podcasting process

3. Gain valuable insights into what makes a podcast successful

4. After listening to this episode you’ll have all the information you need to start your own podcast and share your message with the world!

About Stella Marie and Gabby Jones (link to their website)

Stella Marie and Gabby Jones are co-hosts of XYZ podcast. On their show, they talk about everything from career and relationships to personal finance and self-care. They’re passionate about helping people share their stories with their target audience.

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

ABC Editing Software (affiliate link)

ABC Editing Software is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their podcast to the next level. The program is simple to use and automatically cleans up your audio, giving it a polished and professional sound. If you’re ready to take your podcasting skills to the next level, be sure to check out ABC Editing Software today!

ABC Transcription (affiliate link)

If you’re serious about podcasting, then you need ABC Transcription. This powerful software makes transcribing easy, so you can focus on what’s important – creating amazing content. Don’t miss out on the benefits of ABC Transcription; get started today and see what you’ve been missing!

Notable Quotes

“If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do one task per day. You can get a podcast up and running in 30 days if you just do one thing each day.”

“My favorite part of podcasting is that it helps me connect with my audience. It builds the like, know, and trust factor.”

“There are millions of podcasts out there. You can do this!”

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, this episode is a must-listen! Use your favorite app or the player below to download the episode.

Podcast Show Notes Example #2

Dog Training: The Basics Every Pet Owner Needs to Know 

Looking to train your dog but not sure where to start? In this episode, you’ll learn about different training methods, how to communicate with your pup, and ways to correct problem behaviors. Plus, get tips for teaching your dog fun tricks and basic obedience commands! Tune in now and start getting the most out of your relationship with your furry friend!

In This Episode

3:39 Introducing different methods of dog training and how to choose the right one for you and your pet

7:02 How to effectively communicate with your dog

10:35 Tips for housebreaking your dog

14:19 How to deal with problem behaviors like chewing and barking

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

ABCD Dog Training Course (affiliate link)

The ABCD Dog Training Course is a 30-day program that will help you train your dog. The course includes videos, tutorials, and daily tips to teach the basics of training. You’ll learn how to establish basic obedience commands, correct bad behaviors, and will have a well-trained dog by the end of the course.

Tune in now using the player below.